Women on Top: What the world’s top businesswomen would change if they were in charge
Barbara Stcherbatcheff

Women on Top: What the world’s top businesswomen would change if they were in charge

There are hundreds of books out there about how women can make it in a man's world.  But business is no longer a man's world.  Women are everywhere.  We are the secretaries, the sales girls and the strategy consultants. 

But for a woman at the top the macho realm of banking and finance, it’s still a pretty lonely place. 

We’ve heard everything about glass ceilings and how women still make up a tiny fraction of executive positions in companies.  We even know the reasons behind it – from work-life balance to discrimination to the still-huge gender pay gap. 

But what we don’t know is this: what might happen if women were in charge?

Now – former City trader, Barbara Stcherbatcheff, the author behind international bestseller Confessions of a City Girl, has the answers.   Now an experienced financial journalist, Barbara is breaking ranks once again to expose what really goes on in the world of business and finance.  This time though, she is bringing along some of her most powerful friends.  

As the world still reels from the aftershocks of the worst financial crisis in history, there is clearly much about the existing system that needs to change.

In Women on Top, successful businesswomen from around the world reveal exactly what those changes should be. It is an extraordinary manifesto by some of the most visionary financial executives in the world.  Using dozens of interviews and well-researched facts, Women on Top will highlight:

  • Work/life balance – can businesswomen really have it all? 
  • The business model of investment banks – bonuses, promotions and overkill
  • Quotas – do they help or hurt?
  • Ethics – how banks can regain public trust
  • Risk-taking and management – why “group think” is a threat to all companies
  • Office politics – how banking culture has changed over the past few decades.
  • Sexual harassment – the banter, champagne and strippers. Which bits would they keep?
  • Bad behaviour, scandals, white collar crime – how can it be prevented?

What the world’s top female bankers and executives have to say often comes from right field.  It is insightful, unexpected and sometimes shocking.  These chapters will be required reading for anyone who wants a career in the City, who has made their way already or believes that having more women on top may be better for business than what’s on tap.

Everybody knows that women are more intuitive, less aggressive, egotistical, and power-hungry as men. What this means is that they make business and investment decisions a little bit differently – and this is a good thing.  

If men got us into this mess, perhaps women can get us out. Now we get the first glimpse of what having women at the top can achieve from women who clawed their way up from the very bottom.  And we see how a cure for the world’s economic woes just might be a woman’s touch. 

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  • Author: Barbara Stcherbatcheff
  • On Submission
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Barbara Stcherbatcheff

Barbara Stcherbatcheff landed her first job in the City in 2004 after attending Colgate University in New York, and then the Tuck Bridge Program at Dartmouth. She was admitted as a trader on the Eurex in 2006 and passed her FSA exams in 2008. She began her column as The Londonpaper's "Citygirl" in 2008, taking over the slot previously occupied by Geraint Anderson’s Cityboy column, which exposed the excesses of life in the City before the banking crisis hit.
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