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Emily Franklyn

Emily is 44 years old. She lives in sunny Lincolnshire on her farm with her husband and the beautiful young horses which are her passion. She is married to Paul and has been since they were 16yrs old. They went to school together and now have 2 daughters, aged 27 and 23, and a new grandchild.

Emily did not do very well at school because she was far too busy rebelling, due to the years of child abuse she endured. Instead she preferred to create havoc wherever she went. As an adult, however, she has worked in many different fields, including jobs with horses and also with adults with learning disabilities, where she became very interested in behaviour modification and completed a City and Guilds diploma in Advanced Management in Care.

She enjoyed these types of work roles because helping other people is something that Emily does best. Emily has always had a passion for writing; she loved the way she could escape through poetry, and has written it for family and friends since she was a child.

She had an abusive childhood that she somehow survived. She then rebelled and lived a gang lifestyle in south London. She decided to write the story of her young life in the hope that it would help someone else to want to survive and make a difference, and to not be a victim all their lives.

Emily and her husband foster children in care. Always a busy house with a lot of raw emotions to deal with, theirs is also an extremely successful one, in helping kids to make positive changes in their lives.

Emily is funny, honest, kind and caring, she works extremely hard, wears her heart on her sleeve; what you see is definitely what you get.

Emily Franklyn is a pseudonym.

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