The Men Behind the Man Who Shot J.F.K.
Jonathan Hainsworth

The Men Behind the Man Who Shot J.F.K.

Those in the ‘establishment’ camp have always adhered to the ‘sensible solution’ as to who killed PRESIDENT JOHN F. KENNEDY in Dallas on November 22nd 1963 - it was the young Marxist and ex-Marine, LEE HARVEY OSWALD, a motiveless malcontent who acted entirely alone.

The ‘counter-culture’ camp has long resisted this neat solution. To these dissenters from the official verdict, Oswald was a government operative only posing as an extreme Leftist. Furthermore, ‘secret agent’ Oswald was framed and murdered in a vast conspiracy involving the C.I.A., and/or the Mafia, and/or the Military Industrial Complex, and/or L.B.J., and/or the F.B.I., who removed J.F.K. partly because he was going to terminate the Cold War by withdrawing from Viet-Nam.

 As declassified files have revealed since 1975, the truth lies in between the bitterly opposed camps - and it is all about Cuba. Lee Oswald, acting alone in Dealey Plaza, did assassinate J.F.K. because he thought he was carrying out the wishes of his idol: FIDEL CASTRO. In fact, the Communist dictator was appalled upon learning of J.F.K.’s fatal ambush.

Oswald had been duped by a fringe group of Anti-Castroites led by mercenary LORAN EUGENE HALL. These Right-wing extremists posed as Castro’s “double agents” in order to mislead a Leftist into shooting Kennedy. Their goal was to frame the Cuban leader for the crime. Hall and his fellow, small-time soldiers-of-fortune hoped this scam would trigger an American invasion to oust the Communist regime.

But President LYNDON B. JOHNSON feared starting World War III and so the Warren Commission recast the safely dead assassin as just a “lone nut”. Subsequently conspiracy “buffs” hijacked the story by trying to prove Oswald was framed. Ironically their grandiose accusations helped Loran Hall to slip through the fingers of several more official investigations into the crime. In 2021, Hall’s stepsons produced the Italian rifle Oswald had used for target practice; their stepfather had begged them to hide forever this incriminating evidence of his involvement.

 On the eve of the 60th anniversary of the Assassination of J.F.K., this will be the first book to bring the late Loran Hall and his fellow plotters to account.

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Jonathan Hainsworth

Jonathan Hainsworth

Educator and author Jonathan Julian Hainsworth is a high school History and English teacher with over thirty years experience. Australian born, Jonathan was raised in Adelaide and is a graduate of the University of Adelaide and the University of South Australia. Jonathan’s first book, an academic work was essentially an exploration of Scotland Yard Chief Sir Melville Macnaghten and his involvement in the “Jack the Ripper” case. This book received positive reviews and television, print and radio attention. Jonathan has a passion for historical investigation and the testin...
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