F is for France: A Curious Cabinet of French Wonders
Piu Eatwell

F is for France: A Curious Cabinet of French Wonders

Did you know that –

-          In France, it is illegal to call a pig Napoleon…

-          There is a village in France where it is an offence to swear using the word ‘donkey’ or ‘ass’, the punishment being that the offender is obliged to offer the maligned creatures in question sugar lumps or carrots, as a peace offering….

-           There is a verifiable wild kangaroo population in the woods outside the city of Paris….

-          A true salade niçoise should NEVER contain green beans or potatoes….

All these – and many more – curious facts, figures and features of the world capital of culture, cuisine and style – FRANCE - are revealed in this gem of a treasury.  F is for France is a compendium of everything you didn’t know about the world’s favourite tourist destination: facts and insights that are astonishing, bizarre, or hitherto well-kept secrets of the francophone world, revealed to anglophone readers for the first time.

The author, Piu Eatwell, has lived for a decade in France.  Her first book – They eat horses, don’t they? The truth about the French – an examination of myths about the French and whether they are true or not - was described by the New York Times as “A highly entertaining book… The France she depicts offers a welcome corrective to the charming postcard tableaux on display in the faux innocent-abroad works that have proliferated like multicolored macarons.”  F is for France promises to continue the revelations and unmask the clichés even further, in a compact and highly-readable format that will be the indispensable travelling companion to every real (and armchair) traveller to the world’s favourite country. 

Book Details:

  • Author: Piu Eatwell
  • Published Year: 2016
  • Rights Sold
    • US: St Martin's Press
Piu Eatwell

Piu Eatwell

Piu Eatwell is best known for her books of historical true crime. Piu was born in India of mixed British-Indian descent. She studied English at Oxford University, graduating ‘summa cum laude’ with a starred First Class degree, ranked 4th out of all students taking the final examination. As an undergraduate at Oxford, Piu won a scholarship and was awarded the Skeat-Whitfield Essay Prize for an essay on the work of the eighteenth century English writer, Laurence Sterne.  She subsequently worked as a lawyer and television producer for the BBC and other TV companies.   P...
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Book Reviews

  • "will appeal to Francophiles as well as those wanting to learn more about France in a fun, informal manner. "
    Library Journal
  • "A delightful summer read.....the colourful and off-beat facts and figures will delight anyone with an interest in French culture."
  • "One of the best books you can give to the Francophile on your list - a book that transports the reader straight to Paris and around France, in exploration and celebration of French culture."
    Clotilde Dusoulier, Parisian food writer; author of 'Edible French' and the food blog 'Chocolate & Zucchini
  • "From unusual laws to quirky snippets of history, from weird words to baffling mysteries, F is for France is an insight into France like no other."
    The Local, France.
  • "While not a travel guide per say, this is a fun look at all things French, in alphabetical order. And readers can expect more than just the usual bakeries, cafes and museums. Look out for crypts, UFO landing sites and wild kangaroos. A great gift for the Francophile on your list."
    For the Love of Books
  • "F is for France is a wonderful encyclopedia full of French historical and cultural trivia. The proper way to prepare Absinthe, rules for serving wine, the most popular main dishes, and of course, French etiquette are all in there. You’ll even find recipes. The perfect gift for family, friends or any Francophile in your life.  "
    Underrated Reads
  • "Perfect for the Francophile and those who love trivia.  "
    Bookworm Review Blog