Maddy McGuire Biography

Maddy McGuire

Born into a religious family on the Wirral, near Liverpool, private convent school pupil Maddy was placed into voluntary care at the age of twelve. She lived in numerous children’s homes before being discharged at sixteen and rapidly falling into a depraved world of drug dependency and abusive men. After recovering from her addictions, Maddy went onto qualify in various holistic therapies and counselling, eventually working with people suffering from substance abuse and women who had been victims of domestic violence.

Maddy began writing poetry while still caught within the thralls of her addiction which she continued long into her recovery. Three years ago she decided to write her life story and two books emerged from this venture; one covers her childhood and years spent in care; the second is a memoir of her drug addiction and recovery.

Maddy has been clean for almost sixteen years and now lives in Spain with her sister and two daughters working as a holistic therapist. Her main interests are writing and kickboxing, both of which she does daily. Maddy McGuire is a pseudonym.

How I Found the Agency


After reading Damaged by Cathy Glass, someone I admire as an author as well as for the excellent work she does with her foster children, I decided to see who had represented her and was very impressed with Andrew Lownie’s website and high standards of submission guidelines. I also looked up best- selling UK literary agents and this agency came up in all my searches. Andrew is obviously top of his profession and I decided almost three years ago, he was who I wanted to represent me before I had even completed the first draft.

Within just over two weeks of receiving my first proposal, Andrew took me on and words cannot describe how happy and proud I am to be represented by him.