Kevin Healy Biography

Kevin Healy

Kevin Healy was born in 1963 into a poor broken home with a big family and violent father often in trouble with the police. He took up Shotokan Karate aged 14. He won gold at the European junior karate championships, became the youngest 5th Dan black belt in the country and the English All Styles Karate champion.

After being invited to take on the job as the chief instructor of the Budokwai, the oldest martial arts dojo in Europe, founded in 1916, he taught high profile students such as Guy Ritchie and Jason Statham.

Healy’s A Step-By-Step Guide to Shotokan Karate was published by Eddison Sadd in 1998 with numerous translations and sales worldwide. He demonstrated karate in a Pet Shop Boys video, made a Snickers bar commercial and appeared on GMTV demonstrating Karate with Linda Lusardi.

Married with four children, triplets and a disabled son, Kevin Healy is warm, funny, charismatic with a touch of blarney and a great storyteller familiar with TV cameras and tough questions.

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