Everybody’s Bent: The Inside Story of the Ultra-Secret Customs Teams Who Targeted Drug Smugglers, Money Launders and Fraudsters
Douglas Wight, Mark Perlstrom

Everybody’s Bent: The Inside Story of the Ultra-Secret Customs Teams Who Targeted Drug Smugglers, Money Launders and Fraudsters

From a former HM Customs investigator comes an eye-opening, compelling and amusing account of the ultra-secret units who targeted drug smugglers, money launderers and crooked firms.

Back in 1987 Operation C-Chase was a joint US/UK Customs undercover investigation that penetrated Pablo Escobar’s mighty Medellin cartel, brought down the corrupt BCCI bank and exposed how the City of London helps criminal gangs move their ill-gotten gains under the nose of the Bank of England.

For 18 months HM Customs’ new, secret anti-money-laundering squad, Drugs Team U (the Uniforms) conducted an undercover operation against BCCI London and its staff, bugging and burgling their way across the capital, conducting high speed car chases and spying on the homes and offices of targets.
But its main, secret purpose—revealed for the first time—was to help elect George Bush as United States president. By seizing the records of one time Bush ally Manuel Noriega, the Uniforms paved the way for the US invasion of Panama and the ruler’s prosecution for money-laundering—fulfilling a promise from Margaret Thatcher to her American friend. 
Mark Perlstrom played a key role in that much celebrated investigation—but he reveals how the operation was nearly scuppered by US Customs bungles.
And Mark’s book will also reveal how the intense rivalry between crime fighting organisations led to corruption, chaos and some scarcely believable antics in the covert world.

Everybody’s Bent charts Mark’s journey from a wide-eyed Yorkshire idealist into a weary cynic after witnessing the bent bureaucracy that eventually closed down one of the UK’s most sophisticated and successful crime fighting agencies.

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Douglas Wight,

Douglas Wight,

Douglas Wight is the Sunday Times best-selling ghost writer of nine books, including the autobiographies of Olympic gold medal winning GB hockey player Sam Quek, former world boxing champion Nigel Benn, snooker legend John Virgo and Hollywood actress Emily Lloyd. He also ghosted memoirs for an undercover cop for the Met, a money launderer in Miami and a woman who made legal history after surviving years of abuse. In addition he has written three celebrity biographies, including one that was written and self-published into the high street in three months. He is also a leading freelance...
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Mark Perlstrom

Mark Perlstrom

Mark Perlstrom joined the civil service in 1983, starting in the Ministry of Defence in London. In 1985 he transferred to HM Customs at Salford Docks and in 1987 was promoted into the elite Customs Investigation Division (ID), moving back to London from his native Sheffield. Here he worked on C-Chase, a joint US/UK Customs operation into money laundering which led to the collapse of BCCI bank. He also worked on an operational, covert drugs unit targeting major boat smugglers and on the ID’s anti-money laundering branch where he was case officer for several major financial investigati...
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