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Nathaniel Miller

Miller received his MFA and MS from the University of Montana. He has published poetry and non-fiction, including an essay about the Berkeley Pit, an enormous toxic lake, in VQR (Virginia Quarterly Review), and received Associated Press awards in Colorado and New Mexico. In 2012, he was picked to participate in The Arctic Circle, an artist residency aboard a tall ship in Svalbard. He raises beef cattle, pigs and one human child on a farm in Vermont.

Nathaniel Miller has lived in 14 places, most in the Rocky Mountain West, and within them he has worked as a ranch hand, journalist, editor, meat clerk, liquor store clerk, record store clerk, waiter, writing teacher, literature teacher, empanada-maker, bartender, line cook, flack for the bison industry, plant-potter, beer-bottler, dirt-mover, house-builder, custom baler and more.


How I Found the Agency

The agency’s reputation precedes it. Knowing that, I read as much as I could find about David Haviland, and it all looked very promising. I was drawn to the fact that he’s a writer himself, and a particularly successful one; his broad interest in historical, commercial and literary fiction, and in the power of stories that have real tension, seemed to fit; his willingness to dive into the slushpile was essential. I wrote, and he was kind enough to write back.

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