The History of Blokes in 100 Objects
Paul Merrill

The History of Blokes in 100 Objects

For the first time ever – the story of the ‘real man’

The so-called ‘history books’ would have us believe that the key events in the development of humankind are the spinning jenny, central heating and the contraceptive pill. They point to the influence of great works of art, social struggles of the working class and the invention of penicillin.


A much more important history is that of man. Not mankind, but the actual male of the species, the ‘bloke’ if you will.  How did he emerge from the Palaeolithic swamps, navigate his way through all that boring history stuff to become the fine specimen of masculinity he is today?

This meticulously* researched book will answer that question by cleverly linking man’s ascent to 100 key objects, a technique never before used by historians** and set to become a vital learning tool in schools the world over. Almost certainly.

You will learn about ancient weaponry, torture devices, cars, bikes, power tools, cool gizmos that go bleep, jetpacks and aprons with boobies on.

Upon reading it, you yourself will become more manly, more impressive to your womenfolk and reconnect with the hidden Neanderthal within you.

Learn fascinating facts including:

  1. The hero who was castrated for using the wrong urinal
  2. How Hitler ordered the first blow-up dolls
  3. The real reason Americans are so fat
  4. Where the biggest ever fire started
  5. Why the Virgin Mary plays a vital role in the world’s biggest toilet
  6. How to make dynamite
  7. The first ever weapon designed to kill humans.
  8. What links Winston Churchill to Britney Spears
  9.  The real reason why apes failed to rule the planet
  10. What tune the first ever musical loo roll holder played
  11. The genius who killed his brother to achieve greatness
  12. The blood-thirsty dictator who invented the hamburger


Also included is a scientifically infallible quiz to find out if you really are a bloke, a potted history of man’s evolution and a list of exciting manventions of the future.

In short it is an ideal stocking filler or Father’s Day present for blokes of all ages as well as those who aspire to become one.

*Not very meticulously

** Hardly ever before, it turns out

Book Details:

  • Author: Paul Merrill
  • On Submission
  • All rights are available

Paul Merrill

Author of A Polar Bear Ate My Head, his memoir of his years as a magazine editor both in the UK and Australia, Merrill now writes full-time. His next books, comedy guides to grandparenting and fatherhood, are to be published by Random House Australia next year.He was an award-winning women’s magazine editor when he was inexplicably chosen for the biggest magazine launch in British history. When the weekly men’s titles, ZOO and Nuts burst onto the market, they transformed the magazine landscape and thrust Paul stumbling haplessly into a bewildering and surreal world in the full g...
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