Claire Prentice Biography

Claire Prentice

Claire Prentice has written four non-fiction books, Curse of Riches (Audible, 2022); Doctor Ice Pick (Amazon Original Stories, 2022); Miracle at Coney Island (Amazon Original Stories, 2016); and The Lost Tribe of Coney Island (Houghton, Mifflin, Harcourt, 2014). These have been featured in the pages of the New Yorker, the New York Times, the National Geographic,, and the Philippine Daily Inquirer, and on Arte TV, NY1, and PRI among others. Her books have been New York Post Must Reads, Amazon Editor’s Picks, Amazon Best Sellers, Book of the Month Club Picks, and have been shortlisted for the Brooklyn Eagles Award for Non-Fiction.

Her books have an historical focus, often looking at important but forgotten stories from the past, which have a strong contemporary relevance. As in Royal Betrayal, her previous books have highlighted David and Goliath battles between ordinary individuals and the people and organisations who hold power in societies.

Prentice has worked as a journalist, and editor for 20 years and has lived in Madrid, and in New York, Boston, MA, Washington DC and Charlottesville, VA. She has made audio documentaries based on Doctor Ice Pick and Miracle at Coney Island which were broadcast on the BBC, NPR, and ABC Australia. In her journalistic career, the author has covered news, features, arts, business, and political stories for national and international outlets. These include BBC Online, The Times and Sunday Times, Daily Mail, the Daily Telegraph, the Guardian, the Washington Post, The Independent, Sydney Morning Herald, HuffPost, Salon, History magazine, Financial Times magazine, and Cosmopolitan, Grazia and Marie Claire magazines.