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Bijan Omrani

Bijan Omrani is an historian and classicist specialising in the history of Afghanistan and Central Asia. He was educated at Wellington, and then read Classics and English at Lincoln College Oxford, where he contributed to the Spectator as an undergraduate.

He produced his first major publication, Afghanistan: A Companion and Guide, in collaboration with the seasoned Afghan traveller Matthew Leeming in 2005, and since then has edited and published numerous works, articles and book reviews on Afghan and Central Asian history. A special area of research has been the controversial area of the Afghan-Pakistan border, also known as the Durand Line. His latest book, Asia Overland: Tales of Travel on the Trans-Siberian and Silk Road, was published in 2010.

He is also known as a writer of English and Latin verse. Extracts of his latest Latin poem, a Horatian Ode on the forthcoming 2012 London Olympics, were published in the Evening Standard and in full on the Olympics website with the approbation of Boris Johnson.

Bijan has also lectured and broadcast widely, commentating on Afghan history for BBC Radio 4 and Sky News. He has spoken at numerous venues including the RGS (Hong Kong chapter), the Royal Society for Asian Affairs, SOAS, Pushkin House, and Eton College. He has also briefed army officers and journalists on aspects of Afghan history. He sits on the editorial board of the Asian Affairs Journal. He is a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society and the Royal Asiatic Society, and currently teaches Classics at Westminster School.

Bijan is now working on a biography of the 19th century traveller and archaeologist Charles Masson, who combined a life of searching for traces of Greek and Buddhist remains in Afghanistan whilst being blackmailed into spying for the British in the run-up to the First Afghan War.

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I was fortunate enough to meet Andrew at a function in Westminster. At the time, I had already written two books without the help of an agent, but was well aware that I would need the support of a professional agent to develop my writing career further. I found that Andrew had a wealth of expertise in history and biography, and also that by chance he was representing a couple of old authorial friends who both spoke in glowing terms of his work for them. Since joining Andrew’s list of authors he has been rigorous and highly supportive, and I know that with him I am in good hands.

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