Choices: A Practical Guide to the Science of Choosing Better
David Lewis

Choices: A Practical Guide to the Science of Choosing Better

Choices – A Practical Guide to the Science of Choosing Better explores the latest research into something we all do scores of times each day - make choices. These range from mundane – ‘Tea or coffee for breakfast?’, ‘Walk or take the car?’ to life changing - ‘Quit my job?’, ‘Move to another part of the country?’

Although choosing and deciding are typically seen as synonymous,  they differ in several important ways.  Choices are made rapidly, in less than a 1/100 second. Decisions typically take between minutes and months to conclude.

Because they arise deep within the subconscious, choices are frequently impossible to explain. After General Electric’s CEO Jack Welch made an unexpected choice of successor in 2000, the only explanation he had was: “I had to go with my gut.” 

Decisions, by contrast, are made consciously and are not only explicable but, open to mathematical analysis.

Because we make many more choices than decisions, they have a far greater role in shaping our lives and determining our destiny.

Curiously, despite their playing a less significant role in our lives, decisions, rather than choices, have long been the chief focus of academic research and management training.

Choices  redresses the balance by providing a practical guide to the neglected science of choosing.

Based on over a decade of original research, conducted by Lewis and other scientists at Mindlab International, the book will explain in non-technical language how and why we make choices, the unconscious factors operating behind the scenes which determine those choices and their vulnerability outside influences. It will also demonstrate how choosing is often a more effective approach to meeting life’s challenges than deciding.


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David Lewis

David Lewis began by studying medicine but later switched to psychology and obtained a First-Class Honours degree (BSc Hons) from the University of Westminster followed by a doctorate from the University of Sussex. He lectured there in clinical psychology and psychopathology, before founding Mindlab International Ltd. an independent research consultancy. The company, of which he is now Chairman, investigates the role of unconscious motivations in everyday decision making (   A Fellow of the Royal Society of Medicine and an Associate Fellow of the British Psychol...
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