Ian McCulloch Biography

Ian McCulloch

After working in finance for Marks & Spencer for more years than was good for him, Ian turned to writing for a living, focussing mainly on the world of football. He has worked freelance for a variety of magazines and for Fulham Football Club where he was their staff writer. Born and raised in inner London, an upbringing reflected in his current writing, he presently lives in the US where his wife is on assignment.

How I Found the Agency

After doing all the usual due diligence on Agencies, it was Andrew’s that really stood out. The breadth and strength of the work represented was extremely impressive, as was the way in which they appeared to handle their clients. David Haviland in particular stood out as someone I thought I would like to work with. That impression was heightened when I discovered a quote of his from an interview: “it seems to me that there’s not nearly enough humour in much contemporary fiction.” I hoped that the style of my novel – a hard-boiled thriller with a whimsical side to it – would strike a chord.

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