Ted Bocking Biography

Ted Bocking

Born on the day that Adolf Hitler marched his armies into Poland, Ted and his parents survived the Blitz and the direct bombing of their Essex home, and spent his early years in a quintessential Essex village.

A grammar school education with conspicuously mediocre ‘O’ levels, led him into the County Council Education Department where he did as little as possible until he was called up for National Service.

His basic training completed in the Royal Norfolk Regiment Ted was, to his own great surprise and to the hilarity of all who knew him, transferred to the Intelligence Corps which decided that an enlightening 3 year posting to Hong Kong was how he should best serve his country.

Having previously sworn never to rejoin local government, Ted did just that and ended a varied career as Town Clerk of Huntingdon for twenty two years until his retirement in 2000.  He then worked as a Local Government Consultant countrywide until his second retirement in 2011.

Over many years Ted has written two Barnaby Madden books based on notes passed down the family by his great grandfather – the real-life Barnaby Madden.

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